Adebayor set to play for Togo


The Tottenham Hotspur striker was accused of a lack of discipline by new coach Tom Saintfiet when he failed to pitch at the start of pre-match preparations almost a fortnight ago.

Saintfiet said he would not tolerate players who did not adhere to the rules but on Wednesday, some 10 days after the squad first got together to begin preparations, Adebayor finally pitched for practice and was allowed to join up with the rest of the squad.

Adebayor has been the subject of much off-field intrigue over the last months, twice being given compassionate leave by his London club to attend to a family feud, which he has played out publicly on social media. Adebayor claimed it had left him suicidal.

His role as Togo's only major international star has long given Adebayor license to set his own agenda with the national team. He has often skipped preparations and matches but always been welcomed back.


Original source: Adebayor set to play for Togo