Battered Pedrosa to return for MotoGP finale


Honda said on Monday that as the injuries were healing well, Pedrosa's doctors and team had agreed that he could return for the final round.

“These past three weeks haven't been easy because of the pain, especially immediately after the operation, and also because I missed racing at some of my favourite tracks,” Pedrosa said.

“After I started with my rehab, things began getting better day-by-day and the thought of trying to recover in time for Valencia was a boost that helped during the tougher moments.

“We're still not sure about how I'll feel on the bike, but anyway I'm happy to be able to get back to racing.”

Pedrosa has won six times at Valencia, three of those victories in the MotoGP category.


Original source: Battered Pedrosa to return for MotoGP finale