Celtic boss puts club up for sale


“Our supporters are deliberately bringing the league into disrepute just to hurt me as an individual,” said Tshabalala on Sunday.

“I love Celtic and if I’m the one standing in the way of its successes then the best thing is to sell it to those who will be able to satisfy the supporters. I want offers urgently and will be open and honest enough to show whoever that is interested to acquire the team what we have spent and the required amount to purchase the team.”

Tshabalala said the behaviour of the Celtic supporters was unacceptable and had led to his decision to sell.

“I must concede my heart is painful at how some supporters behaved last night. Vandalising the stadium, fighting and hurting Pirates supporters in the process and clearly the situation has gone out of hand. It was also hurtful seeing a National Heritage Site (which is part of the 2010 World Cup Legacy) being ripped apart because of frustrations against one man (Max Tshabalala), we need to respect and maintain our infrastructure. I personally respect human-life and would like to see our people growing rather than being hurt. I was pained to see innocent soccer loving fans being beaten some to a pulp and that led me to the decision to sell the team.”

Tshabalala said he had spoken to fans directly, which further reinforced his decision about the team’s future.

“I had a chat with some of the fans who boldly told me they hate me and want me out of the team with immediate effect. Hence, I am calling on businessman in and around Mangaung to come up with offers to buy the team and take Celtic forward.”


Original source: Celtic boss puts club up for sale