Clarkson and team at full throttle


Johannesburg - Loud cars, booming music, screeching tyres, smoke and the smell of burning rubber were the order of the day at the Clarkson, Hammond and May Live show at the weekend.

The three men - better known as the former Top Gear TV show presenters - were full of their usual banter, quips and crude jokes as they entertained Gautengers at the TicketPro Dome during their shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The show started with Richard Hammond and James May riding in on motorcycles, while Jeremy Clarkson slid in on a hovercraft.

Later, stunt drivers performed doughnuts while motorcycles flew over a ramp, the riders doing backflips and other risky aerobatics.

Ridiculous was the name of the game as the trio raced each other in makeshift chariots, each powered by four scooters instead of the more traditional horses.

“Each one of these cost exactly the same as President Zuma's house,” Clarkson joked.

Serious car fundis were left drooling as seven beautiful Lamborghinis were displayed in celebration of the 52 years since the brand was launched.

Later the crowd was subjected to more “automotive pornography” as the Bentley Continental GT, BMW i8, Alfa Romeo 4C as well as Maseratis, Ferraris, Porsches and other supercars were brought into the arena.


A Nissan GTR was pitted against Springbok Sevens player Werner Kok after Clarkson said the car was “the fastest accelerating thing off the line”. But Kok won the 100m sprint against the car.

Drifting fans screamed in appreciation as American stunt driver Ken Block drifted into the arena in his black Mustang “Hoonicorn”.

The three presenters then challenged Block to a “gymkhana” relay race, which saw the four cars doing figures of eight and crashing into barriers.

The show ended with a soccer match which had the audience on the edge of their seats, with the presenters in three small white cars for Team England, and Block and two other drivers in three red cars for Team South Africa.

The audience screamed, cheered and laughed during the game in which the cars skied across the slippery arena, using their cars to knock a giant ball towards the soccer nets.

Team SA won 4 -3.

If the live show wasn't enough, showgoers could enjoy the expos with vintage cars, gadgets and even a chance to drive with drifters. - The Star

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