De Lille support’s 7s race victim


De Lille said her office contacted Johnstone and added they would be assisting with an investigation.

“My office will facilitate and ensure that the matter is reported, assessed and investigated by the relevant and competent authorities for further action as deemed necessary. We will provide any support needed for dealing with this matter.”

De Lille added that when the city launched its Inclusive City/Anti Racism campaign, on Human Rights Day, they agreed to tackle complaints and incidents of racism when they occur.

“The majority of South Africans are not racists but it is a minority which creates a dangerous perception and we simply cannot allow racists to speak for us. I commend those who know their rights and tackle these issues.”

Johnstone was attacked while watching the second leg of the Sevens World Series at the stadium on Saturday.

He left the stadium with a swollen face and black eye, and shared his experience on social media, with many applauding his bravery.

During the match in which South Africa played against Kenya, Johnstone said he heard an older man refer to Blitzboks player Seabelo Senatla as a “baboon” after the winger dropped the ball.

A confrontation ensued and the older man and his son got into a fight with Johnstone, leaving him with a bruised face and his right eye swollen shut.

He later made a statement at the charge office and continued to watch the game.

On Tuesday, Johnstone said that he was “still amazed at the number of Afrikaners upset with me for mentioning he (the attacker) was an Afrikaner, and not with their fellow Afrikaners for calling a fellow South African representing our country a baboon. Way to break the stereotype.”

Johnstone received support on social media, from friends to strangers, with one person saying he made them proud to be South African.

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