Dragging @ Dezzi for bragging rights


Motorsport South Africa hosted a drag racing event at the raceway’s drag strip, which is KwaZulu-Natal’s only certified track.

Though conditions were not ideal, with an icy wind, more than 2000 enthusiasts streamed into the venue and gladly lapped up the action.

Their treat was the screaming engines of 100 high-powered cars and supercharged motorcycles.

Though the motorised duels might be monotonous for those who are not in tune with the nuances of drag racing, petrolhead Sandy Padayachee offered some insight into the sport.


He said drivers pushed their cars to the limit over the quarter-mile track.

“Sometimes it’s a race against an opponent or sometimes it’s against the clock, but it’s always about the bragging rights.

“Often competing cars are evenly matched, so it would be the driver’s ability from the take off, working his way through the gears and eventually reaching top speed to get the upper hand,” Padayachee said.

Dezzi Raceway owner, Desmond Gutziet said his facility had become a “magnet” for motorsport enthusiasts.

“I’m glad to see people having fun,” he said

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Original source: Dragging @ Dezzi for bragging rights