‘Guardiola has all the tools he needs’


Pellegrini ended his three-year spell coaching City on Sunday with a 1-1 draw that secures their place in August's two-legged Champions League play-off round. The Chilean coach, who won one Premier League title and two Capital One Cups in his three seasons, said that his side had consistently been the best side in England over his tenure, and predicted that same success, with more young players, would continue.

“I am very proud of these players, who won three titles with me,” Pellegrini said. “This squad was the most scoring team in the three seasons, and the team that has the most points [over three seasons]. I think these players deserve a lot more praise. I think that is a good season, and a good cycle of three seasons.”

Pellegrini said that City's season had been disrupted by the announcement in February that he would be replaced by Guardiola, but wished his successor well in the job.

“I am sure Guardiola will be a very successful manager,” said Pellegrini, who will not meet the new manager to discuss City's players because he believe Ferran Sorriano and Txiki Begiristain will tell him all that he needs to know.

“I haven't spoken to Guardiola, I don't think that we need to speak,” Pellegrini said. “Because he knows perfectly what is this club, he has friends inside here. He is very important manager in Europe so I am sure he will have all the information.”

Pellegrini has not criticised City's decision to replace him, but he did say that the move had affected his players.

“One of the most difficult things this season after they announced this club will change [manager], was the atmosphere inside the team,” Pellegrini said. “It is not easy for a team to read every day that '11 players will go out, these are coming, these are finished'. That is why we are so proud of them. Because they are very important players who just focused their mind on what we must do this season.”

Pellegrini also predicted that in the next stage of City's development the club would finally start to field young players, something that he has been criticised for not doing throughout his three-year tenure in charge.

“I think in the next years you will see some players from the academy,” Pellegrini said.

“Remember that this club started the real process to become a big team in the last eight years.

When you are trying to have a big squad at the beginning, maybe the young players must be a little bit postponed. Now we are working very well in all the young divisions, we arrived to the [FA Youth Cup] final against Chelsea this season. So I am sure you will see young players soon playing in the first squad.”

Pellegrini finished by thanking the Manchester City fans, to whom he threw his City suit jacket at the end of the game, for their support in the last few years.

“It was a way to say thanks to the fans,” Pellegrini said. “I always appreciate the support of the fans, the way they appreciate the style of the team, it is very important to win titles but also the style you win.”

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