ICC president quits after WC snub


Kamal, a Bangladeshi national, said the ICC had robbed him of his right to hand out the prizes at the cricket World Cup that concluded in Melbourne on Sunday.

Instead that honour went to India's Narayanaswami Srinivasan, who took over as ICC chairman last year.

“I resign right at this moment. I am no longer ICC president,” he told reporters in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.

“The main reason for my resignation is that I can't work with those who can act unconstitutionally and unlawfully.”

Kamal, who is a government minister in Bangladesh, had earlier threatened to quit over the umpiring of his country's World Cup quarter-final defeat to India.

He said the outcome of the match appeared to have been “pre-arranged” and that there was “no quality in the umpiring”, earning a sharp rebuke from ICC chief executive David Richardson. – AFP

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