ICC thwarted spot-fixing attempt


The chairman of the unit, Sir Ronnie Flanagan, said that the alleged planned fix involved members of an international team, although he did not disclose the individuals or the country involved. However, the unit has acted in an attempt to prevent another betting scandal engulfing the sport.

Flanagan, a retired senior British police officer, said ahead of the start of the ICC World Twenty20 tomorrow: “We had reason to believe that members of a team had intentions to manipulate events in forthcoming matches, to facilitate betting on those events. This was an international team, but I am not going to go into any details. The case is still under our investigation.

“When we come by a belief that something may happen in the future, bearing in mind that we exist to prevent corruption ... we decided that we would intervene immediately. We would bring together the entire squad, we would focus on individuals whom we suspected but we would remind the entire squad of their responsibilities.

“I am certain that our action in that case did prevent the intention of just one or two individuals. We have taken action in relation to those individuals and will be taking further action.” – The Independent

Original source: ICC thwarted spot-fixing attempt