Jeers turn into cheers for Captain Fantastic Faf


Due to the close proximity of the ground to the city centre, it was a superb sight watching thousands of men and women stream in from their offices across the Torrens River Bridge that serves as the umbilical cord between cricket and the Adelaide workforce.

The famed art of bunking a day of school to run off to watch Test cricket has been abandoned. Boys and girls can now come after their lessons had run its course and still catch the first pink ball of the day delivered.



The setting could not have been more magnificent. The St Peter's Cathedral and the old scoreboard stood in all its historical splendour to remind us all in this groundbreaking age of Test cricket of a time past.

The remarkable night skyline that simmered above the concrete light pylons and fluorescent pink ball was a certificate of the future though.

Even the booing of South African captain Faf du Plessis could not sully the occasion. In fact, it only added to the sense of theatre that was unfolding. Every major production does need a good villain after all.

I stood next to a lady, who within earshot of her young son, screamed at the top of her voice “Suck on your lolly, you cheat!” Only sport at its most intense can extract such a raw reaction.

At the end of the day though those jeers turned into cheers for Faf and the Adelaide Oval were just made for each other. With its uber cool eateries, stylish landscaping and emotive patrons the Adelaide Oval is certainly a good fit with “Captain Charming”.

Some would even go as far as saying soul mates they are. Four years ago it was love at first sight. And now like any good marriage the relationship has endured its troubled times only to emerge stronger for it.



If the only benefit of “Lollygate” that consumed us for the past week was to bring more patrons - 32 255 to be exact - through the turnstiles for this dead-rubber Test then it certainly was worth it. Even Faf would raise his glass to that.

The Adelaide Oval put on a grand show on the opening day. And if this is what floodlit day-night Test cricket is all about, I say bring it on!

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It sure felt like a day at the races. Or should that be a night. Either way you look at it, the Adelaide Oval was the place to be, writes Zaahier Adams.

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