Klusener taking Dolphins to court


Pete de Wet, chief executive of the Dolphins, received a fax from the CCMA yesterday regarding the non-renewal of the coach’s contract and was notified that an arbitration hearing would be imminent.

De Wet confirmed the Dolphins would announce the next coach in two weeks, which is when the arbitration is expected to take place.

Klusener was given the chop on the eve of the second round of the Sunfoil Series. The official reason given then by De Wet was that it was purely a business decision.

Klusener was surprised at the move in spite of his long service with the franchise, as a player and a coach. The Dolphins completed their season under caretaker coaches Roger Telemachus and Yashin Ebrahim and the matter seemed to be over.

But Klusener’s approach to the CCMA indicates it is not.

“We received a fax yesterday from the CCMA informing us that Lance had approached them and was seeking an arbitration,” De Wet said today. “In situations like this, where there has been a dismissal, it is not uncommon to hear from the CCMA.”

When asked about the possibility of lingering bad blood between Klusener and the Dolphins, De Wet said that question would be better answered by Klusener himself.

It seems the effects of Klusener’s abrupt departure have gone wider, with Proteas seamer Kyle Abbott, also packing his bags for the Eastern Cape, stating one of his reasons as Klusener’s dismissal. - Daily News

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