Martial promises there is more to come


“It was a very important goal,” he said this week of the last-minute strike that knocked Everton flat in the semi-final. “It was the one that got us through and killed off the match because it was so near to the end. It was great to go into the crowd and celebrate with the fans.

“It was a fantastic atmosphere. It was full for the semi but I guess it's going to be an even better atmosphere in the final and we're just going to do everything we can to make sure we win.”

But that won't be enough for the 20-year-old Frenchman, signed from Monaco last summer for £36m, the highest fee ever paid for a teenager. “It's gone OK this season,” he said, “but I'm hoping to have a better season next time. I didn't try and put too much pressure on myself.

Obviously people mention the price tag but I just came here to do my best. I think things have gone relatively well but I still feel deep down I could have done better.”

Martial, who will be on the wing for United against Crystal Palace at Wembley today, denies the pressure has held him back. He is used to the scrutiny. “I'd already gone through quite an expensive transfer in the past when I moved from Lyon to Monaco and that created a lot of interest and people spoke about it a lot in France. I just tried to remain true to who I am as a person, keep calm and do my best.”

It surely helps when you score on your debut though? And especially when it's against Liverpool for United at Old Trafford. “It gave me lots of confidence, it helped me to settle in,” Martial said.

“Fortunately things started to go well for me from that moment on and I kept scoring regularly.

Obviously that does create more expectation among the fans but I still have a lot to learn.

“I love Manchester and I love being here and certainly I see myself being here for a good while yet. The way the fans have accepted me - I have got a special relationship with them and I'm grateful. They've done their best to make me feel relaxed.”

Martial's only beef is with Paul Scholes. Although, it is not going to keep him awake.

The former United midfielder said the Frenchman did not look that bothered if he scored or not.

“Goalscoring is what I do,” Martial said. “It's the thing that makes me most happy. I'm really happy inside but I'm just not the sort of guy who shows that on the outside too much. But not happy when I score? Scoring makes me happiest because it's what it's all about.”

I love Manchester and I love being here and certainly I see myself being here for a good while yet

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