Three teams to test 2017 F1 tyres


Pirelli racing manager Mario Isola, speaking in front of a demonstration car to show off the bigger prototype tyres, said at a Monaco Grand Prix presentation on Saturday: “This is the first, first version.

“We are working with the teams to have 'mule cars' available as soon as possible, they will be 2015 cars modified for the new tyres with additional downforce to simulate the performance expected for next year.

“When we start, probably in August, we will have a concentrated test plan because we need to find a final version of the tyre by the end of November or December... we don't have a lot of time.”

About 20 percent wider

Isola said the new tyres would take a a

The plan was to stay with five compounds for 2017 but that could change once they had been tested. Pirelli brought a new ultrasoft tyre to Monaco this weekend.

The new, wider tyres have eight centimetres more at the rear and six at the front - equal to an increase of about 20 percent on the current size.

Formula One is planning sweeping changes to the aerodynamic regulations for 2017 which will increase the levels of downforce.


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