Watch 1000kW Koenigsegg attack the ‘Ring


The Swedish supercar maker had to abandon its 2015 campaign after a fatal accident forced management to impose speed limits on the Nurburgring. Now those limits have been lifted and the big guns are back.

The target is Radical's benchmark of 6m48 - but not even the One:1 can just pitch up and run the 'Ring in less than seven minutes. As Koenigsegg's Steven Wade explained: "The truth is it takes a lot more than seven minutes to achieve a good lap at this track. This year, we're starting over again and it takes months of planning and preparation."

And that's what the Koenigsegg crew is busy with in this video, including some amazing start-up sound bytes. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

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Original source: Watch 1000kW Koenigsegg attack the 'Ring