#ZAAHIERINOZ: On-field scars will linger long after media circus


Since captain Faf du Plessis was spotted with a “lolly” in his mouth on television during the second Test in Hobart, it has degenerated into a media circus down here.

Even the novelty of South Africa playing their inaugural day-night Test at the Adelaide Oval this week has now lost its allure with all the side-shows that has occurred over the past couple of days.

The constant glare of the cameras and media scrutiny the Proteas have been under from the local TV channels has surpassed levels even experienced in India. The Indians certainly understand “No Comment” and respect the security protocols of the Proteas team.

To be brutally honest though, the South Africans have not managed the potentially volatile situations in the best possible manner either. The way the entire team arrived at a sensational press conference on the outskirts of the MCG boundary last Friday “in solidarity” with their besieged captain Du Plessis would have done wonders for the team spirit within the side, but like the seasoned cricket correspondent from the Courier Mail Robert Cradock stated “the way to dismiss jokes is to ignore them” would probably have been better in hindsight.

That show of “unity” only fueled a fire further that was already blazing.

After reviewing the entire footage of the Adelaide airport incident also once more – there are various bits and pieces floating around on social media displaying different angles – it does indeed show the Channel 9 reporter Will Crouch being asked “get out of the way buddy” by the Proteas team manager Mohammed Moosajee before the altercation with security personnel Zunaid Waggie.

The footage also shows the reporter pushing Moosajee in the back while Wadee tries to steer Crouch away from Du Plessis.



Wadee’s subsequent shove on Crouch cannot be condoned, but it is his job to protect the South African players and team management if he feels they are in danger of being harmed.

It is no less or more of a reaction than Waggie would have had if he was protecting any of his previous high-profile clients such as the top executives from corporations such as Coca Cola and US talk show queen Oprah Winfrey.

Perhaps it is time for everyone just to take in a few of Du Plessis’s words when another Channel 9 reporter pushed aggressively towards him in front the team’s Melbourne hotel on Saturday afternoon and Waggie was called on to intervene again.

“Relax boys, relax, let’s just relax, relax…”

It is this calm demeanour from the skipper that has worked wonders on the field for the Proteas with the result being two proper beatings handed out to Australia, which has plunged the game into crisis mode in this country.

It is the scars of those defeats that will linger on here Down Under long after any bruises Crouch may have incurred at the Adelaide Airport on Monday.

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The Proteas' Tour Down Under has rapidly degenerated into a media circus.

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